Informing Accountability for Schools Serving Opportunity Youth

with Data, Research, and Networking

The NOYC Initiative


The National Opportunity Youth Collaborative (NOYC) is a research and development initiative of Momentum Strategy & Research (Momentum), a Colorado non-profit organization committed to improving public education through the use of data, research, and collaboration.  Momentum’s unique “data collaborative” model combines policy expertise and high level data analytics with a collaborative information gathering and implementation process, all designed to maximize impact.  

The NOYC is a multi-organizational, cooperative effort focused on improving outcomes and opportunities for the nation’s Opportunity Youth, including:

1. Building a data and information repository to compile and house the most accurate information on accountability systems and attendant performance measures applicable to the schools that serve Opportunity Youth;

2. Working collectively with schools, authorizers, and other K-12 stakeholders to improve accountability practices, ranging from school improvement to the use of appropriate performance measures, as provided through the NOYC data repository;

3. Improving public policy focused on accountability and access for Opportunity Youth and the schools serving them.


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What We Do

Collect Data

Participants share data and information for Momentum to consolidate and analyze--informing target setting for use in  student progress monitoring, school improvement planning, and external accountability.

Conduct Research

With the use of publically available data that is maintained in Momentum's Alternative School and Performance Database, as well as school provided data,  Momentum conducts original research projects each year based on the priorities of NOYC participants.

Share What Works

Peer Group participants will have the opportunity to network with similar schools, matched by Momentum and based on a number of parameters including school missions, target student populations, curricular design, and other relevant features that are identified in each participant's profile.

Levels of Participation

School Participation Levels

 At this point in time, schools – whether an individual or in a network – are the main focus of the NOYC. In the near future, Momentum will extend participation opportunities to other organizational types, such as school districts, charter school authorizers, or advocacy groups. 

Schools may select from the following participation levels:

Basic—Receives Opportunity Collaborative’s four annual publications, including an Annual Alternative School Performance Report

Basic Plus—Same as Basic, plus a customized annual performance report that highlights your school’s comparative performance

Peer Group—Same as Basic Plus, plus a report comparing your school’s performance against peer schools. Peer group participants may also elect to join any of the NOYC annual projects.

2018-2019 NOYC Project: Assessment of Student Re-Engagement 

The inaugural NOYC  project is designed to help alternative schools collect and track data to inform how their students arrive and progress through five levels of skill acquisition, motivation, and social-emotional well-being. What’s more, participating schools will be able to see (over time) how the rate of progress of their students compares to other participating schools. Momentum has teamed up with Epicenter, an industry leader in secure data management (, to facilitate secure data submissions and is working with them on developing customized, interactive data tools.

In order to participate in this, or any future Opportunity Collaborative projects, participating schools must have access into our Data Center. Data Center access can be achieved by joining at the Peer Group level, or by adding Data Center Access to the Basic or Basic Plus levels. Schools only wishing to receive publications need not sign up for Data Center Access. 

Interested individuals can access the NOYC Participation form in the Downloadable Documents section of this website

Alternative Schools Across the Country

In October, Momentum released Alternative School Options across the US., the first report ever to summarize where and how many alternative options there are in our country. The report also provides an estimate of the number of students served and the breakdown of alternative options, by grade level and program type.

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